The Schiller Piano Potential History?

“Oregon, ILL Schiller Piano Company Established in 1892.” That's the way one owner describes the writing on the inside of the top cabinet of her piano. She also noticed a picture of F.G. Jones, the company's first president. (Oregon, Illinois is located about 50 miles west of Chicago.) In 1936, Schiller merged with the Cable Piano Company and was then sold under the “Cable and Conover” name.

Schillers were manufactured from 1892 to 1957, according to The Vintage Piano Shop .

Interestingly, The Bluebook Of Pianos lists serial numbers dated from 1950 through 1982 for Schiller. They claim the beautiful sound is due to the wider-than-usual gap between the strings and sound board.

According to one piano technician, there is also a J. Schiller Company in Berlin, Germany, so perhaps that’s where the confusion lies.

When you’re getting an appraisal or asking a piano technician about your Schiller, be sure to tell them which Schiller Company (Oregon, IL or Berlin) you’re talking about. Just check inside the piano for clues.

If you have any information about either of these companies, please contact us.

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