Nora Piano Cat

Nora Piano Cat apparently began playing piano when she was about one year old, playing several times a day, but only when she's "in the mood" (ha, ha). She really seems to listen to the different notes and sounds while she plays, and even uses both paws while improvising.

With all the buzz she's been getting lately, we just had to include her in the list of famous pianists, since she is famous, and she certainly is a pianist!

Check out the original Nora video that's been seen by over nine million people! Watch as she lays her head on the keys, then adds her left paw to get a richer sound. Simply amazing!

Nora definitely likes a certain range of notes on the piano, and seems to favor repeated notes, although she really looks like she's hearing the other pianist playing, and even stops when her duet partner stops playing.

Here's a follow-up video of Nora in action:

Just think how good she could be with lessons!

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