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The Most Famous Piano Players Of All Time

There are so many famous piano players who have made an impact on the world of music, that it’s hard to say which of them have had the most influence. So, while the following list may always be incomplete, we’ll do our best to categorize many of the world’s best-known piano players, discuss what made them influential, and share some details about their lives, both musically and personally.

Who Was The First True Piano Composer?

We might as well start with the composer who is given credit for creating the first music written specifically for piano. Do you know who it is? It’s not Johann Sebastian Bach, as some might think.

The first strictly piano composer was Muzio Clementi , who was a composer, piano builder, and music publisher.

"Sing Us A Song, You're The Piano Man"

OK, so this list is not exactly chronological, but Billy Joel is the next famous pianist that came to mind, mainly because his music has been such a huge part of my life for so many years. In fact, the very first rock concert I went to was Billy Joel's "The Stranger" tour (with my Dad) when I was 11 years old - I won the tickets on the radio. OK, enough about me, let's find out more about Billy Joel.

Liszt Is On The List

Did you know that Franz Liszt invented the piano recital? OK, no need to curse his name if that brings up some bad memories for you. Check out some of his other major contributions to the world of music - not just piano...

The Coolest Cat On The Keys!

You can lead a cat to the piano, and sometimes she'll start playing it! That's exactly what happened when Nora Piano Cat was one year old. She climbed up on the bench and just started pressing keys with her paws. Now she plays a few times a day, whenever she gets the urge, playing with both paws, and even playing "duets" with other pianists. When we saw the videos, we knew she belonged on our list of famous piano players. You've GOT to see the video for yourself!

More Famous Piano Players...

This page will grow over time, so check back often for updates, and you’ll see new pianists added, either chronologically, or maybe in a somewhat subjective order of importance. Maybe it'll just be a surprise who shows up here next!

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