Is An Electronic Piano
The Same As
An Electric Piano?

An electronic piano is not the same thing as an electric piano. Technically speaking, the electric piano is an electro-mechanical device, creating sound by placing electrical pickups in some varation of an acoustic piano – either an actual acoustic piano or a piano with metal “reeds” or tuned bars. The electronic version creates sounds using oscillators – transistor-based electronic circuits that simulate piano sounds.

They were popular from the late 1960’s to around 1980, and were played by such musicians as Tony Banks of Genesis and Rick Wakeman of YES. One of the most popular models was the RMI Electra Piano, which ended production in 1980.

Click here to see the RMI Electra Piano Model 300B, along with a number of other historic keyboards and synthesizers.

With the advent of digital pianos and more advanced synthesizers, the electronic version of the piano was destined for museums and collectors. But it does have a unique, classic sound and would make a great addition to a music room or basement studio.

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